The Business
Booster Pack
Complete Brand Imaging

  • Brand & Logo Design
  • 250 High Quality Business Cards
  • 50 Custom Designed Flyers
  • Professional One Page-Scrolling Website
  • 15,000 Advertising Impressions
  • And your choice of Brand Imaging Product
  • Are you just starting out, and ready to let the world know you're open for business?

  • Did you revamp your company, and now need to relaunch your brand with a bang?

  • NEKO can provide the launchpad for your organization's growth and expansion with the Business Booster Pack.

Brand and Logo Design
Whether you are a new business or an existing one, a recognizable and polished logo is one of the most crucial pieces of your arsenal, establishing instant recognition and credibility in the eyes of potential customers. Work with an experienced, award-winning graphic artist to create or rework a logo, defining a brand image that will be recognizable for years to come.
250 High Quality Business Cards
One of most important tools for communicating a sense of confidence and professionalism is the business card. Not only does it relay important personal information, it showcases your resources. 
You need a card that will stand out from the rest,while acting as an easy introduction piece for future clients.
50 Custom Design Flyers
Create hands-on, full-color sheets that detail in-depth product information, showcasing the information you discussed, and all that you have to offer. 
These beautiful sheets will impress with a sense of sleek professionalism.

One page website
Create a basic web presence, with a single page scrolling website that contains everything your customers need to interact with your business. 
This  build is perfect for the company that is just starting out online, working to establish a foothold in a world that increasingly shops, eats, and dreams online.
15,000 Advertising Impressions
Create eye-catching banner ad for memorable customer impressions, increasing brand recognition while creating clicks and sales opportunities.

...and your choice of one of the following Brand Imaging Products

25 Business Card Magnets
Keeping your brand visually present is important in today's tumultuous business landscape. Leaving potential clients with magnets for the fridge or water cooler will ensure your name will be ever-present, instilling instant brand recognition.
1 Car Magnet
Get more exposure, mile after mile, with a car magnet displaying your growing businesses information. 
10 Magnetic Calendars
Give them a timely, practical gift that keeps you in mind.
Hundreds of designs, full-color printing on durable vinyl.  Customize with your name, logo and contact information.

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