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Sales and Marketing Internship Opportunity
Strong willed sales person needed!

Our sales team provides unique marketing services that create opportunities for clients to grow. These services are priced fairly and in high demand. If you are in sales classes or have any sales experience you can work with us to provide customers with services they need while making generous commissions.
The right person should possess:
  • Experience in customer service or sales
  • A basic understanding of websites and advertising
  • Comfort with both warm leads and cold calling
  • Strong organizational skills and a natural drive
  • Most importantly- be able to adapt and learn from failures
    • When making sales calls there will be various prospects to deal with- some of which are friendly and some that are more challenging. It is important to realize that there will be a high chance of failure, so it is crucial to be able to learn and adapt from those failures. 

What will you learn 
from this internship? 
  • Developing and revising your own sales pitch for NEKO Reach which will be implemented for email marketing and cold calling. 
  • Hands on experience in a digital marketing environment. 
  • Basic knowledge of the digital marketing field. 
  • Optional certification available through Google - Free of charge!

About the optional certification: 

You will learn concepts in online advertising and sales skills. This will assess the effectiveness of sales representatives to sell Google digital solutions to businesses. 

This is for those who want to prepare for the fundamental aspects of online advertising and Google AdWords as well as consultative sale skills from Google's "The Trusted Digital Media Advisor" program.

You will have the opportunity to earn your Certificate of Completion* upon passing the Digital Sales Exam. 
Through studying and taking 
the exam you will learn: 
  • Benefits of online advertising and AdWords
  • Google advertising network
  • Where your ads can appear
  • The quality of your ads
  • What the advertising costs include
  • Targeting your audience
  • Setting bids and budgets
  • Tools to plan a campaign
  • Tools to measure your performance

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