Improve Consumer Experiences on Mobile

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  • 28 Jun, 2017

The 3 Areas Brands Should Invest in to Improve Consumer Experiences on Mobile

Digital user experiences are more important than ever. Whether it’s on the web, mobile, or a digital assistant, consumers’ relationships with technology continue to evolve. People are finding faster and more efficient ways to get things done. As a result, brands are no longer competing with other brands in their category. They’re now competing with the best digital experience a user has ever had.

1. Help me faster

Consumers are shifting their thinking from “Who does it best?” to “Who does it best, now?”

2. Know me better

Consumers want to be served relevant experiences—regardless of context, device, or channel.

3. Wow me everywhere

Consumers expect seamless experiences every time they interact with a brand.
By Blog Owner 14 Jul, 2017
It is no secret that Northeast Kingdom Online has earned the Google Partner badge. Having this badge is very beneficial for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants who manage AdWords accounts.

Being a Google Partner means that we deliver quality service to our customers, offer a competitive advantage to our clients, and have received the proper training to help grow businesses online. Here are three benefits of being a Google Certified Partner:

Connect with Google: Companies who have earned their Google Partner status may have access to additional events, training sessions, and more.

Keep up with PPC Best Practices: To maintain Google Partner status, agency team members must take and pass two certification exams. One of the mandatory exams includes AdWords Fundamentals. For the second exam, you are then able to pick based on what your advertising goals are, these options include Search, Display, Shopping, Video, and Mobile Advertising. As a Google Partner, we are also able to attend free training sessions to keep up with the latest PPC practices

Stay in front of Competition with Beta Features: Companies that have earned a Google Partner badge have access to Google’s beta features, which means that after Google has developed a new feature or application, Google partners can test and use out these features before it is available to the general public.

There are several benefits included in being a Google certified Partner. For more information about how to become a Google Partner and more benefits of being partners with Google, check out:
By Blog Owner 07 Jul, 2017

Thanks to mobile, our primary job as marketers is to be there and be useful for consumers in moments of need. Utilizing micro-moments in the digital world is now more crucial than ever before. Before we go in depth about why micro-moments are so important, I am sure many of you are asking yourselves, what are micro-moments?

Micro-moments are moments when someone is looking for answers, I want to know, I want to go, I want to do, and I want to buy.  Moments when the spotlight of intent is shimmering in our direction.

For example, when someone walks by a person that has a yellow umbrella and thinks to themselves, “Hey, I really like that umbrella!” They will often times then look up yellow umbrellas online to purchase now or in the future. This is a micro-moment!

Today 65 percent of transactions start on mobile. With such a high shift towards the use of mobile phones, it is more important now than ever to take advantage of these moments.

As a marketing professional, I cannot stress enough how important it is to simply be there and be useful during the consumer decision journey. This includes asking yourself several questions regarding this journey.

  1. What do consumers want to learn about your category, products, or services?
  2. Are you helping consumers find nearby branches and locations on their mobile devices?
  3. Where are consumers researching your products? How can you support consumers who are researching on-the-go?

It is very important to be prepared to answer these questions for the consumer the first time they get onto your site. Without utility in the moment, not only will consumers move on, they actually might not ever come back.

For more information about how to utilize micro-moments, check out:

By Blog Owner 28 Jun, 2017
Digital user experiences are more important than ever. Whether it’s on the web, mobile, or a digital assistant, consumers’ relationships with technology continue to evolve. People are finding faster and more efficient ways to get things done. As a result, brands are no longer competing with other brands in their category. They’re now competing with the best digital experience a user has ever had.
By Blog Owner 20 May, 2016
First and foremost, what the heck is SEO??? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the manipulation of key words within a website which allows search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to decipher what your website has to offer. When someone conducts a search on the web, the search engine uses a very complex set of algorithms to find only the most relevant pages to that specific search. Search engines send robots, otherwise known as "spiders," to "crawl" through your pages to find the key words which are meticulously placed that relate to the search conducted in just fractions of a second. The more relevant the information found on your pages relates to the search, the higher you will place in that search. These are often referred to as "natural," "organic," or "earned" results. Effective use of SEO costs nothing, but will allow you to stand out to really rise above your competitors. 
By Blog Owner 21 Mar, 2016
Have you ever gone to visit a website on your phone only to find it takes to long to load or you can’t easily find the information you are searching for? Most consumers have a pretty short attention span and will abandon your website. In fact, KISSmetrics through Google(2013) found that 61% of visitors will abandon a site that isn't mobile-friendly and 40% of consumers will abandon a web page that takes longer than three seconds to load. With that short attention span, your website must be top notch and optimized to ensure you are not losing potential clients.
By Blog Owner 10 Mar, 2016
Have you ever noticed how simple it is to identify some business just by a simple image or logo they have? Recognizing a brand based solely on its logo is the result of consistency, repetitiveness and targeting through a huge market. Some companies have mastered this by even further by including a catchy tune or phrase so consistent- that it dominates the market. That simple tune- “I’m lovin it” is hard to mistake. It automatically plugs the hymn in with it in my mind. “Ba-da-da-da-dum… I’m lovin it.”** Have you figured it out yet?    
By Blog Owner 24 Feb, 2016
Have you ever been surfing the internet to find something specific when it conveniently pops up on the right hand side with a pretty picture and a link directly to the website? Maybe you have never noticed this before- go ahead and Google ‘tool boxes,’ I’m willing to bet that a list of images for a wide variety of tool boxes showed up on the right side of your search. This is by no means an accident- but more over a strategically placed bit of information that relates directly to what you were looking for.
By Blog Owner 21 Jan, 2016
It is clear to everyone the 'Attention Span' of surfers is declining by the day. Companies use all kinds of metrics to try and answer this $64,000,000 question.? Anecdotal evidence abounds, the attention span of surfers is scarcely 10 seconds on a good day.

True for elders and middle age, 6 seconds is a stretch for young adults and Generation Y. TV advertisers switched to 30-second spots from 60-seconds and despite Madison Avenues best efforts, there is a nationwide move afoot for 10 second ads while some markets notably are pressing for 5 seconds. We are all in business of email marketing. We create messages every day but the question is "Do we really want people to engage and read or are we just filling blank pages?"
By Blog Owner 11 Dec, 2015

As a business owner, you juggle multiple tasks everyday. As a growing business owner though, understanding how to guide potential clients to your location or website is becoming increasingly difficult and very competitive.

Advertising used to be composed of direct mail pieces, phone books, shows, newspapers, radio and television, etc. Once the internet was born, the options of advertising became endless in the digital world. An ever changing world where Google governs the laws, and the everyday person shopping is the executioner. Don’t be executed, make your digital presence top priority.
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